Net neutrality repeal – what it means and what to do when the world seams to be going backwards

  Net neutrality broadly means that all content available on the internet should be equally accessible, it’s a philosophy that puts big ideas and big money on equal grounds- preventing providers like Comcast and Verizon to block some data while prioritizing others. In other words big companies shouldn’t be blocking users from accessing services like […]

Beyond the politics of the Facebook scandal, Trumpism and the billion dollar pixel empire of Silicon Valley. 5 ways to secure your account now.

Online data privacy has never been more present on the public agenda than in the past few months, when news about Facebook data misuse broke as the Cambridge Analytica scandal unfolded. Whether the scandal is purely political, having the can-not-be-ignored Trumpian element attached to it, or the billion dollar pixel empire of Silicon Valley ( as Wired describes it), […]