Difference between Shared and Dedicated VPN IP

              VPN or virtual private network has become the talk of the IT world in recent days. VPN provides the best possible security and perhaps that is the reason behind VPN’s resounding success. Before understanding VPN itself you need to understand some basics about Internet protocol itself.

              IP Address or Internet Protocol address, simply put, is a numerical label given to a device. This numerical label acts as a method of identifying a device in any network. Every computer, laptop, smart phone or even PS3 gets an IP address when it connects to the internet.

              There are basically two types of IP. One is the dedicated IP VPN service and the other on is shared IP VPN service. VPN dedicated IP is the service where only one IP is designated to a user for their personal use. If you buy vpn service with dedicated IP, then no other client will have the IP or can use it. By using this service you can log into secure service by using it as your own private IP. Dedicated IP comes in handy during logging in into sites like secure corporate sites, banking sites and IP restricted servers. Another plus point of dedicated VPN service is that all ports become open to that specific IP, meaning the user can run any service he wants.

              But perhaps, the most popular and widely used variety of VPN is the Shared IP VPN service. As the name suggests, via shared IP service, a user is assigned multiple static and shared IP’s. The sharing part is performed by hundreds (and in some cases even thousands) of clients at the same time. The benefit is obvious, as numerous users use the same IP, the anonymity is ensured.

              So, if you compare shared IP with dedicated IP services, you will se that each has it’s benefits. The dedicated IP service is actually better as business VPN as it provides personalized security. On the other hand shared IP VPN ensures the anonymity while web browsing. Let me give another clear example. When you are logging in to your bank for online banking, dedicated VPN would be your best choice. But when you are downloading torrents, it is best to choose shared IP.

              Which one to buy? Well, it completely depends on your use. What do you do when you use internet? What kind of security are looking for? Ask yourself these questions and the answers will help you choose.

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