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My and team up for automation

As part of a continuous and strategic process, My, the VPN platform of choice for professionals, and Elastic Firewall, the next generation firewall management tool team up for automation. Heading towards a holistic security approach of Unified threat management (UTM) or unified security management (USM), My welcomes Elastic Firewall as a network security solution.

The perks of automation

The ability to perform tasks at superhuman levels are typically between “three and ten times the cost.” to quote the “classics” at McKinsey on the fundamentals of workplace automation( you can read here the whole white paper)

The above statement couldn’t be more similar to our own experience with the Elastic Firewall tool.
So, long story short we tested Elastic Firewall, the linux iptables firewall automation tool, that you can find on and here are the features that got us most excited:

  • simple, smooth integration process, designed on three different levels: Free, the most blunt of all versions available, followed by the Basic and the Enterprise, the more advanced counterparts in terms of integration, interface and capabilities;
  • control over Linux Iptables on multiple machines;
  • costs: using the Elastic Firewall tool we managed to gain full control over a series of repetitive and tiring actions, reducing a lot of the traction off the backs of your IT specialists or completely relieving our IT from the tiring tasks of firewall management;
  • a single deck interface appending rules in the chain through master deck interface enabled us to manage huge workloads of linux iptables firewalls in just a few clicks. Seeing is believing;
  • multivendor supportElastic Firewall lets you automate and manage network security policies for all leading vendors and platforms;
  • keeping application in perfect alignment: through cross-departmental management, security and network teams combined;
  • reduce errors: appending rules in the command line manually leaves a lot of room for errors which may lead to disruptions. Do not fret, this tool is the way to increased accuracy of changes, reducing mistakes, and speeding up the overall workflow of changes.

Having tested the service, we think Elastic Firewall tool is the way towards single racked mountable network appliance and definitely the way towards saving one of the most valuable resource of the known universe: time.

Freedom of tiring, repetitive workloads is finally attainable.


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