How to use a VPN to watch Tour de France 2018 from anywhere in the world

This time of the year, Le Tour is France’s Wimbledon , a sport spectacle enjoyed by cycling or non-cycling audience taking place in some extraordinary french landscape. From the French Riviera to the  Pyrenees and the Alps, Le Tour is an iconic sport competition, usually held in July.

This Saturday The Tour de France begins in Noirmoutier-en-l’Îl and sets Champs-Elysees Paris as the finish line, July 29th on a Sunday, 22 days later.

This years favorite is champion Chris Froome, who already has 3 Tour de France wins under his belt on a mission to strike 5 wins in 6 years time span.

This years route is not the longest, but it sure is testing. Cycling teams will have to face alpine terrain or cobbled streets in the race for the trophy.

To watch the show from anywhere on the globe, you can set yourself up with a VPN service, that will only take you a few minutes to install and stream the games as they happen.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download a VPN

You can go on and chose a VPN service that you can set up in minutes. The service is compatible with a great variety of devices and Oses and ranks among the fastest.

  1. Connect to the right server location

In this case, just head straight to the UK, since it’s your best bet for English subtitles.

  1. Go on or ITV4

You can see the whole race for free here, sign up is not necessary for live streaming. You will need however to first have point 1. (download a vpn ) in check, as you might get one of these screens.

How to live stream the Tour de France 2018 if you’re in UK

ITV4  will broadcast daily, covering the race for a total of 70 hours over the course of the 3 weeks of racing.  Eurosport too will cover the event and again that we already mentioned above.

How to live stream the Tour de France 2018 if you’re in US

The official broadcaster in the US is NBC Sports. For extensive coverage you’ll need to sign up for a $49.99 “cycling pass” or if this option is a bit pricey for you you can always set yourself up with a VPN service for a short fraction of the price and browse the world wide web lika a british by getting a UK IP. has UK Ips so there’s plenty of fish in the water for this option and it comes at a considerably smaller price.

How to live stream the Tour de France 2018 if you’re in Australia

The official broadcaster for Australia is – free-to-air so you’ll be all set up. Hoever if you’re out of the country you can simply get an aussie IP with a VPN and stream everything as if you never left border.

How to live stream the Tour de France 2018 if you’re in Canada

Sportsnet will be covering the racing competition in Canada and if you don’t have that channel in your channel grid than you can get a $24.99 Sportsnet NOW subscription.  The free option here is also to go with a VPN service and simply head to UK servers.

How to live stream the Tour de France 2018 if you’re in New Zeeland  

Sky Sports will have coverage of Le Tour in NZ, but there is no live stream for cycling fans in this country. You too will have to use a VPN service an tune into for full coverage.

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