6 ways to secure your data while travelling

The prospect of having internet access just about anywhere can be a “glittering lure”, to quote Don Draper on his Canon technology sales pitch. Beyond the immediate allurement, a more in depth acknowledgement of the potential liabilities that lie ahead once exposed to unsecured networks such as public WiFis or hotspots while travelling, is a risk to be reckoned with. Take aerial tech, the next big thing, bringing the Internet to everyone, everywhere, through drones, sats or high altitude balloons and you can easily paint the picture of what connectivity will come to mean, in terms of penetration and prevalence. Though we’re not there yet, one thing is for sure: it will happen.

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Taking the path of data security is a no brainer in the ever evolving mobile connectivity environment of today and while your data may be well protected inside the enterprise gates, what happens when you travel and need to rely on unencrypted channels? More importantly, what happens with both your corporate and personal data as you use a range of personal devices that may or may not come with hardware encryption?

Banning corporate data access from personal smartphones or blocking enterprise email orVPN access on unknown devices its already a thing of the past, since IT is being challenged to enable safe access to employees remotely by providing mobileVPN, secure email, encrypted containers and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Living outside the data security paradigm is simply not smart anymore, whether we’re talking about corporate or personal data, it makes no difference really.

Particularly when travelling, the threat of a potential attack is real. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, who never experienced this kind of security issues but don’t rest on luck, there’s always a first time. Our friendly advice is: better yet, take all precautions then resume to “it will never happen to me” losing attitude. Here’s our top 6 tips for keeping your data secure, while travelling:

  1. Update Software: almost all software update releases patch a serie of security vulnerabilities so keeping your software up to date is a good idea
  2. Turn off cookies and autofill: a little inconvenience can go a long way toward data security
  3. Chose your apps wisely: do some due diligence before downloading apps.
  4. Be sure that all of your mobile devices have a remote wipe or autowipe feature. For Apple’s iPhone and iPad, there’s Apple’s MobileMe service. If one of your devices gets stolen, you can quickly and remotely perform a factory reset from any computer connected to the Internet, wiping out all of the device’s data and even locking it indefinitely.
  5. Make sure you use a VPN connection in public wireless networks
  6. Change passwords regularly: use strong passwords and change them every 6 months.

To HAVE or to HAVE MORE? this is the VPN question.

Pave your way to big business connectivity

Defending the kingdom.

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Business environments are redefined as information becomes one of the most important commodity for any given company, from SMEs to large enterprises.  As Dan Levin puts it, COO of online file-sharing and cloud-based content-management service Box, work is evolving from being a place to being a mind set, “going from something that for many people was about physicality to smth that for many people is about information, creation and utilisation.”


Geographically dispersed workforce is no longer a thing of particularity, gradually becoming the norm as highly data oriented companies outsource or expand internationally.  The need to access corporate or commercial information is a core component of connectivity inside the enterprise and managing these intangible assets over a plain internet connection is simply not for business use.

VPNs are often the communication platform of choice for virtually any business that takes itself seriously, as they enable site-to-site connection with a service provider managing the end-to-end network. A VPN enables a computer that is located outside the corporate network to connect to that network as if it were inside the building, allowing access to internal resources such as file shares, applications, and printers. Beyond connectivity a VPN implicitly means that a secure bridge has been created between any given device using that connection and your business server, which can be on your premises or in the cloud.

Appliances or servers will give you great control, but cloud-based, hosted or outsourced VPN services are the real deal breaker, with an unrivaled cost-to-features and security ratio, spearing you of the typical technical hurdles of on premise deployment and use.

A hosted business VPN solution will overcome the following thorny issues:

  • on premise deployment:
    having a dedicated VPN in place will reduce the complexity of deployment and use to a minimum of only having to run a single interface software;
  • data security:
    internal data, sites, git repositories and all information will be coated in multiple layers of encryption;
  • remote connectivity:
    you will enable access across a geographically disperse workforce;

My IP.io, the platform of choice for many agile businesses

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With our business VPN suite comes strengthened security, as the service is not limited to encryption.  We also support all the latest security protocols including SSTP, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN.

The level of sophistication depends on the number of accounts and/ devices: our business VPN solution can consolidate all your team’s accounts into one master account, a convenient scenario in terms of having control, management and payment. We can allocate a whole subnet, so that you won’t be constrained as to having to whitelist multiple IPs or we can engineer a custom solution for your, in which we install a LDAP server. You will be given a password manager and VPN server and you’re free to run your own network to your preference. The business VPN solution allows multiple people to be logged in and proxying through a single IP address at one time, simultaneous connection for all on multiple devices, editing and monitor access, from a single, easy-to-use central admin area.

My IP.io Business VPN Benefits:

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To get started in full big business connectivity way, just connect with My IP.io and we’ll assign an account manager that will guide you through the whole installation process and assist you each step of the way for the whole period of your subscription. Once the number of accounts and connections are defined, we can set things in motion for you and your team.

Data security matters: Corporate vs. Personal Data

The matter of strengthened data security becomes mandatory in the era of cyber-capital, when the internet is both the medium and the message and a vital component of today’s business infrastructure. But the digital revolution brings changes not only to the corporate, but also to the private medium, placing the individual in the midst of a plethora of social networks, redefining lifestyles.

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Needless to say that the farther you look the more appealing it is to secure your data, regardless of its formal or informal nature and getting yourself a dedicated VPN service in place, is the first thing you should consider.

On the corporate side of things, losing or leaking corporate data is just like throwing money out the window, since it may lead to competitors picking up sensitive information about your business and use it against you in the economic arena.


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On the other hand, on a personal level, data leakage will make your online footprint larger and more visible to a bunch of tracking sites or apps. like, say, Marauder’s Map. The Google Chrome plug-in, developed by a Harvard student, former Facebook intern, is the best example of how social networks are giving away data about user’s physical location to third party sites. The app. bearing its name from the Harry Potter series disclosed at user’s discretion detailed records of whereabouts, until August of last year when Facebook shut it down, but had already made a point in highlighting some inglorious and very serious privacy flaws in Facebook’s network messaging service, by the date.

Taking just a couple of major social networks, along with some of their embedded, sometimes default, features like facebook’s location, Twitter’s places, or their third-party sharing policies goes to prove the above point.


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Businesswise, as formal data becomes more mobile and businesses operate within virtual instead of physical boundaries, using effective ways to prevent data loss should be a continuous and strategic process for any business, no matter the size.


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The first step towards making the internet a better place in the workplace or simply for yourself, is setting up a dedicated ip VPN, which will make data transfer between remote offices secure and internet browsing private. Setting a secure connection between the user and a server in another country, encrypting all the information travelling back and forth , while having your own server location substituted will reduce a whole lot of the security ordeal.


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And while you need a holistic approach in place for all your data protection efforts, regardless if it’s for corporate or personal purpose, having a dedicated VPN is the first step in the good direction. Just make sure you check the logging policies of the VPN Provider, beforehand, as you don’t want to exchange one kind of surveillance for another. Your ISP or other agent monitoring your network will still be able to see that data is being exchanged, but not what pages are being requested, while information trackers on the server hosting the content will only see it as being accessed by the server’s home country.


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MyIP.io is a self-managed VPN network platform, delivering fast, secure and reliable VPN service , designed with the professional focus in mind. The platform caters to a wide demographic through three channeled directions: Personal, Dedicated and Business, so it makes for a wonderful choice for corporate or personal use at the same time.

Engineered as a global platform,MyIP.io is a VPN service provider committed to developing applications and services that preserve an open and secure Internet experience while respecting user privacy.


MyIP.io is the result of the craftsmanship of our engineers, with many years of experience supporting large-scale, custom deployments for businesses , telecommunications companies, multi-service operators and enterprises.” Dave Wilson, CEO My IP.io


Infographic by: maytech